The democratic transition will have to address the needs of the country’s unconventional military.


a year ago

The article makes an important point, albeit one that does not seem unique to Venezuela. Rent-seeking and profiteering by the army and by army-like groups, in Venezuelas case, colectivos, enables and entrenches dictatorships. However, it seems to me that the article focuses too much on what Guaido has to offer, rather than what the rest of the World, especially the US can do to change the calculus of these groups.

What seems to me to be a negligent application of targeted sanctions likely does nothing to convince the army and colectivos that Maduro cannot sustain the current state . US sabre rattling may convince some that a glorious fight against a meddling enemy is imminent and worthy. Seems to me that the most prudent approach would be to drain Maduros resources and wait for the discontent to come.