Our goal for Politik is simple: to create a space for interesting, informed discussions about foreign policy. While we provide a detailed list of guidelines below, we believe that what’s most important is good faith and open-mindedness. As long as you use your best judgment, you should be fine. If you have any ideas about how to improve this list, just let us know!

What is a good post?
  1. A good post is on-topic. On-topic does not necessarily mean foreign policy in its narrowest sense, but should be something that people interested in foreign policy are uniquely interested in (economics, history, etc. are all fair game).
  2. Always aim to make the title of a post as informative as possible. Adding fluff like exclamation points or ALL CAPS is unnecessary and detracts from the merits of the post.
  3. Please provide and link to the original source of the post. We all aim to reward those producing great content on the internet. Accreditation is important.
  4. The quality of posts is more important than quantity, so please do not flood the frontpage with your submissions.

What is a good comment?
  1. A good comment refers to the respective post – it is relevant and contributes to the discussion.
  2. Any opinions expressed in a comment should be supported with valid arguments, especially if the comment is contentious or challenges other users.
  3. Always aim to be friendly and respectful. Comments should get more civil and substantive, not less, as a topic gets more divisive.
  4. Cynicisms and irony are often hard to understand in text. Be careful in their use and, if you are unable to refrain, use italics to signify their use.

How are good posts and comments rewarded?
  1. Politik allows for the upvote of posts and up and downvote of comments. If you produce content that other users enjoy, your post/comments will be upvoted and presented in prime real estate (under the post for comments, toward the top of the homepage for comments). We decided to forego a downvote option for posts in order to encourage a wide variety of topics and posts.

Are there any rules?

There are some rules that, if broken, may lead to a post or comment being deleted and could lead to the suspension/deletion of accounts. Since these are rules of common decency we feel that no one should feel the need to break any of these rules.

  1. Insults have no room in discussion in this space. If you disagree with someone, challenge their argument and the substance of the post or comment.
  2. Discrimination and defamation of other users or social groups for reasons of religion, origin, nationality, disability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age or gender are expressly prohibited.
  3. Advertisements and other commercial content in posts and comments is strictly prohibited.
  4. Personal data of others may not be published or posted in any comments or posts.
  5. In case you are posting or commenting content created by others, please ensure that the content may be republished and disseminated.
  6. Quotes should be recognizable as such. If you must rely on a quote, please provide the source and attempt to rely on quotes, only to support your own argument.
  7. Feel free to use links and sources in comments. Providing support and further information regarding your post or comment is strongly encouraged. However, Politik is not responsible for the content linked in either posts or comments and does systematically examine such links. If links are against the rules or spirit of the site, we reserve the right to remove them.